This is how we work at Arcol

🤔 Always be curious

Search for the root of problems and question the status quo. Ask “why” enough times to break things down to their core principals. Reason logically from there and form your own opinion - that’s where innovation happens.

👩‍🎨 Care about your work

Don’t release anything that you wouldn’t be proud to show your future self. Be relentless about beauty - if you’re not proud of it, don’t ship it.

🧱 Prototype with big blocks

You should be able to show, not tell your idea. Prototype quickly and efficiently using big blocks. Have a bias towards action and build your vision of the future.

👟 Walk in their shoes

Strive to be empathetic in all situations. Listen closely and seek to understand the other person’s perspective to derive a solution that actually solves what they need, not what you “think” they need.

🤓 Bring the outside in

We’re interested in interesting people and we like hearing about weekend projects. We’re all humans and we all have things we’re excited about, bring them to Arcol!

🏆 Play to win

Be competitive - never be satisfied with second place. Trust your team mates and work hard to get the win.