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Design buildings together.

Arcol is a collaborative design and documentation tool that runs in your browser.

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Magic for everyone

CAD went mainstream in the 80’s, and BIM came soon after, but since then it seems like tools have lost the magic. Over time they’ve gotten clunky, slow, unintuitive, and bloated.

Arcol is bringing the magic back to building design and making it accessible to everyone - from world class AEC firms to people who don’t know what “CAD” or “BIM” means.

Figma for BIM

Figma was exciting when it first came on the scene because it runs in your browser and has real-time collaboration. It’s also extremely easy to learn and use.
Arcol is bringing the same modern functionality and intuitiveness to BIM.

AI Driven

We’re really interested in how AI can act as an in-house expert.
You know that person you work with that’s done it for 30 years and seems to know everything? Well, we want everyone to have access to those golden nuggets of knowledge and we believe AI can help do that.

A modern tool with modern features

Real-time Collaboration

Arcol allows for real-time collaboration, no synching or saving needed.


Stop worrying about large file sizes and “purging unused”. Arcol is built to be fast, no matter how big the model.

Easy to Learn

You shouldn’t have to take a course to begin using a tool.

Create without limits

Complex geometry to let you play. Arcol is built for both exploration and documentation.

Arcol will be here soon.

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